Crippled by Staff Shortages?

There seems to be no escape from the increasing pressures on businesses and staff shortages, whether they be drivers, pickers or operators. When you add Covid isolations, Brexit, carried over holidays and career changes into the mix, you have the perfect storm.

The list of reasons is endless and whilst summer holidays may be drawing to a close, staff cannot continuously do overtime.

People are tired. They have been spending less, therefore their desire to do overtime is also wearing thin.

As a business what can you do?

You might be aware that there are issues that need to be tackled to increase productivity and capacity, but how can you undertake those projects when your own staff are busy and firefighting?

How can you complete continuous improvement to identify and tackle the root cause and optimise your processes without the right people with the right skills being available?

At Libra Europe, we are here to help and support your business through these difficult times, to help tackle the bigger issues that you don’t have the time or resource to look at.

We offer a free day of scoping to see if we can help you to save money.

We believe in providing a great Return on Investment and even guarantee it, because we will only consider projects that offer you a minimum of twofold ROI, although our aim is significantly higher!

If you need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us quoting this article to claim your free scoping day.

To find out more, or discuss how we might help your business, please contact Alison Butcher (

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