Libra Europe Celebrates 20 Years

Unsurprisingly given the challenges we have all faced over the first half of 2020, turning 20 hasn’t really been at the forefront of our minds, yet here we are, one year older and sadly wiser to things none of us seriously considered over the previous years. In the circumstances, it feels wrong to be too celebratory when so many are suffering but it feels right to take a moment to look back at where we’ve come from and also at where we’re going over what we hope will be the next 20 years and more.

It would be unusual for any 20 year old business to have exactly the same team at the start and end of that period, but we have two still standing from 2000, Tim Kershaw who founded the business and myself, joining in the first 3 months. Across these 20 years, Tim and I have worked alongside some highly talented, passionate and dedicated colleagues & clients who made and continue to make the work we do engaging, rewarding and enjoyable.

Naming a few and with apologies to those missing from the list….going back to that first year it was great to work with Leanne Edwards, Simon Bates, Paul Taylor and Neil Thorn and subsequently with the likes of Ian Dinwiddy, Jon Milsted, Richard Pytka, John Moore, Richard Flanders, Ed Wilson, Caroline Coakley, Paul Buckley, Alex Blair, Lina Juanias, Tom Cassidy, Lance Kearon and Andrew Fenton. All worked and in some cases continue to work with us showing great energy, integrity and humour to support our clients to change and improve their businesses.

Coming into our 20th year we restructured to accommodate both management consultancy services under Libra Consulting and training under Libra Learning Limited. We have a senior team in Michael Carson, Ben Davies, Rob Cunningham who have extensive industry and change management experience and are helping us to adapt and change the way Libra operates. A word too for Gareth Turner who joined Libra Europe Consulting in 2013 as a graduate and has worked with both Libra Consulting and now Libra Learning Limited where he is Head of Operations, working with clients under Apprentice Levy to transfer knowledge and embed sustainable change.

Looking forward, we are building a proposition that is unique in our experience, combining rapid improvement methodologies which are integrated with funded people development support. Of equal importance to us is the thought that we’re creating a business that will be here in 20 years from now and one that outlives both Tim’s and my direct involvement although I hope we’ll be around to raise a virtual toast to the business in 2040!

Bob Heward, Managing Partner, Libra Europe

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