Gifting your Apprenticeship Levy

By Frances Ball, Business Development Manager

Over the last few months, we’ve really enjoyed helping our clients to understand how to fully utilise their levy pot. Many of these businesses struggle to use their entire levy pot in full and yet are unaware that they can gift up to 25% of this.

How does it work?

You can gift your levy using the DAS system. You can either pledge it on DAS, receiving applications and choosing who you want to gift it to from these, OR you can gift it to a specific business.

We can help you decide what is the best course of action for you.

Who can you gift it to?

You could offer 25% of your levy to:

  • A business in your supply chain, to help drive performance improvements
  • Another part of your own company, provided it functions as a separate entity
  • A local business in your community in support of your CSR policy

How can we help you?

There are various ways we can help, from discussing and supporting with set up on the DAS system to helping you decide who is right for you to gift to.

We can help you to understand whether the best course of action for you is to offer your levy out by pledging on the DAS system or whether you just want to choose a specific company and award it to them.


To further support the process, Libra Learning can help by providing marketing material and by running open days, (either virtual or on-site), to help those chosen businesses, so that they can learn all about the apprenticeships on offer and how they can benefit them.

In short, gifting levy is a great way of helping other businesses, either to build commercial relationships or simply to give something back.

To discuss further, please contact Frances Ball ( or 07930 218060.

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