Are you ready for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

If you’re affected by the new extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging, you will need to collect the correct packaging data from 1 January 2023

Check if you need to take action

The regulations will apply to all UK organisations that handle and supply packaging to consumers and to businesses. You must take action to comply if all the following apply:

  • you’re an individual business, subsidiary or group (but not a charity)
  • you have an annual turnover of £1 million or more (based on your most recent annual accounts)
  • you’re responsible for over 25 tonnes of packaging in a calendar year (January to December)
  • you carry out any of the packaging activities

Packaging Activities

You may need to act if you do any of the following:

  • supply packaged goods to the UK market under your own brand
  • package goods for another UK organisation
  • use ‘transit packaging’ to protect goods during transport so they can be sold to UK consumers
  • import products in packaging
  • own an online marketplace
  • hire or loan out reusable packaging
  • sell empty packaging

What does this change mean for my business?

The government requires detailed reports to be submitted on the use of your packaging. They will use your data to calculate charges for the following three elements:

  • Waste Management Fees
    • This is based on the amount of end use packaging that is likely to become household waste
  • Packaging Waste Recovery Notes (PRNs)
    • These are certificates that must be purchased from accredited re-processors to prove that packaging waste has been recycled properly
  • Packaging Waste Export Recovery Notes (PERNs)
    • These are certificates that must be purchased from accredited re-processor exporters to prove that packaging waste has been recycled properly

The data collected throughout 2023 will be used by the regulator to

  • Calculate your waste management fees for the financial year 2024 to 2025
  • Calculate the amount of PRNs and PERNs you must buy to cover your recycling obligations for the 2024 calendar year

If you register for EPR for packaging as a parent company, you will need to submit data for each of the subsidiaries within your group separately, rather than as a combined group.

Libra Europe can help you to prepare

Our team have studied government guidelines and designed a specialised model to satisfy the new reporting requirements. Our process simplifies the collection and preparation of necessary data, connecting (where possible) to your existing systems and limiting administrative burdens on teams. It’s possible to start and finish at any point on the process map given your business requirements.

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