Purpose Before Process


Having a fantastic product in the wrong market; great people who are not motivated or fully utilised; robust business processes that drive the wrong behaviours; ‘great’ systems that restrict or inhibit decision making and performance.  All examples we have first-hand client experience of where organisations have lost sight of their strategic goals and the alignment of their business activities with this stated purpose.

Aligning a business behind a clear sense of purpose, a defined strategic direction and set of goals that in turn informs decisions on product, people, processes, systems and all other aspects of organisational success is key.  Businesses lacking a robust and honest understanding of their purpose and who do not revisit this regularly, challenging the reality of the day to day running of the business are prone to under perform.

Clarity of purpose is a fundamental first step in effective organisational design and management.  Once defined, leadership should not simply articulate this purpose or strategy to all levels of the organisation but dynamically challenge how this direction of travel impacts upon people, process, systems, products etc.  Through genuinely collaborative thinking and challenge around the way organisations work and accepting that this should never be assumed to be set in stone if a business wishes to succeed in ever more dynamic and competitive markets, we create an opportunity for shared purpose and high performance organisational cultures.

Businesses that create a clear sense of purpose with open communication and a culture of challenging the norm benefit from among other things:

- Understanding and engagement at each level of the organisation

- Improved understanding of role and fit within the organisation

- Inspired committed and engaged employees

- Clarity of linking transactional activity into the overall business strategy

- Non-added value activities identified and removed

- Greater focus on and improved delivery of value-added activities

Mat AllmanComment