A Shared View


One of the challenges of working with highly capable, passionate colleagues is that it is unusual for everyone to share the same opinion on a topic and being honest, life and our business is far healthier for it. The following has achieved a rare feat in Libra of immediately and without question, creating a shared view amongst us - this is how we wish to be regarded.  It comes from a CEO of a business with whom working relationships at board level with the Libra team stretch back in some cases 15 years plus. 

“Highly customer focused and responsive to our needs, constantly pursuing the agreed objectives and finding innovative solutions to deliver them in the most effective way, Libra’s most unique capability in their work with us has been the way in which they have integrated seamlessly into our workplaces and built the motivation and trust of our people, never forgetting that the real heroes of all change projects are the people in the business.

Our projects with Libra have been facilitated by consultants with experience and professionalism in abundance. What sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun. Thanks to them, our projects have been genuinely collective adventures where we have made real breakthroughs both for the company and our people.”

Yes, this post is a bit of an exercise in self-promotion, but in the absence of knowing that I have something interesting to say, I am happy to share my pride in this statement and its reflection on the team we have and how they all wish to be thought of.

Mat AllmanComment