Making Good Decisions

Having just promoted a second project manager from our in-house team in the space of a month, it’s nice to reflect on some good decisions we’ve made over the last 5 years on so. 

Our best decision by a distance has been to recognise the value of creating a team where bright, passionate and engaging individuals can develop and support each other to do the same.  Having a team that matches core consulting skills with the expert lens of people who have operational or commercial experience is a good decision that has tremendous benefits for client engagements and the development of our team.

Key to this has been selecting the right balance of in-house and associate (contractor) resources who in the latter category treat working for Libra Europe as they would their own business.  The role played by certain key associates over the last 5+ years and their commitment to our business, our team and our clients has been fundamental to our developing in-house resources.  I look forward to continuing to work in this way as our business grows.

Equally important has been the will to make the tougher but equally good decisions of admitting where we’ve not got our recruitment right and to address it.  Where someone hasn’t fit in with the team we have or the way we wish to work with our clients, then we have made a change. 

This isn’t always the easiest conversation to have but we’ve always done it in the best interests of our business, our clients and the individual concerned.  Worth noting that whilst our order of priority on these decisions is ‘us first’, in each case the individual has undoubtedly been better off for not being in a role or team where their skills or personality do not suit our business.

As we’ve said before, we’ll not always get every decision right, but consistently getting more right than wrong is a decent (and achievable) goal.

Mat AllmanComment