A Proactive Brexit


Brexit will impact trade between the UK and the rest of the world, the movement of people and services, the regulations that businesses must follow to deliver a product, service or financial transactions.  

Brexit will also impact the national economic and political landscape, we have already seen a change in leadership, a snap election, volatility in the pound and a change in the base rate. 

More changes are expected as the discussions continue. 

UK-based supply chains that stretch around the globe will be impacted, for better or worse.

In simple terms, 14 months out from March 2019, Brexit = Uncertainty

Given this uncertainly, there is no ‘one size-fits all’ strategy businesses can adopt to mitigate these potential risks.

Boarder checks, movement and availability of people, wage and materials price inflation, the flow of goods, cost of finance, etc.  All are considerations when thinking through the implications of the changes that may come our way next year and impact the way we operate and transact within each of our supply chains.

In uncertain times we advocate a calm and logical approach.  No matter what time and effort is committed, certainty won’t be achieved, nor will all risks be mitigated. 

Our approach is to create a high-level view of the organisation, looking at each of the applicable components of the extended supply chain (people, suppliers, customers, materials, products logistics, etc.) in the context of Brexit and taking a view with the client where risks and opportunities exist. 

By exception we can then explore and validate each of these risks and opportunities to the point where the business is satisfied that risks have been mitigated, contingency plans created and the business is readied to proactively tackle Brexit rather than hope to ride out whatever comes their way.

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