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Tell me... and I forget

Teach me... and I remember

Involve me... and I learn


About L3E


L3E was created in 2018 to address the recurring requirement to focus on learning and development needs within organisations.

Our mission is to work with our clients to develop workplace knowledge and skills that are both meaningful and worthwhile to both the organisation and the individual. We do this as a RoATP Main provider delivering apprenticeships, but also with bespoke programmes tailored to meet your needs and goals

We do this by using our 3E’s:

  • to engage learners and create a real desire for learning,

  • to empower those learners within their workplace to nurture their desire,

  • through innovative teaching, enable our learners to practice and develop their new skills

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What we do


Our Development Programmes


Leadership & Management

Operational Excellence

Apprenticeship Standards


  • ILM Leader & Management

    • Levels 3,4,5 - Coming soon

  • Lean Six Sigma Belts

Bespoke Programmes

  • Operations Management

  • Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Business Systems

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Train the Trainer

  • Lean Practitioner

  • Change Management

  • Consultancy Support

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Our Approach


L3E ensures learning programmes are:

  • Tangible - Learning must lead to tangible behavioural change and measurable change in business performance

  • Rooted in reality - Training and knowledge must avoid abstracts and be linked to what’s important to each individual

  • Owned by the client - There can be no changes in behaviour without first a change in expectations

  • Leading the way - Learning should be undertaken with proven world-class thinking, supported by innovative tools, delivered by forward-thinking tutors

  • Leaving a legacy - A successful programme will leave behind a living central knowledge and learning centre that responds to business needs

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There is no “one size fits all” approach to workplace learning. Understanding this fundamental truth is the key to the whole kingdom. Training courses are merely vehicles to transport you to your destination.

Understanding your commercial objective, along with the principles described above will result in staff development initiatives that not only support your strategic goals, but truly benefit each individual.

We believe in these principles. We believe in them so strongly we named the business after them:



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