Pragmatic and practical client side practitioners with a commitment to underpinning clients whilst they effect change in their organisations


Creating the capacity &


capability to underpin change

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About LCP

It is our belief that organisations of all shapes and sizes require support to assist them through periods of change.

The world doesn’t stop and wait whilst you make changes to the way your business operates. 

Customers still place orders, suppliers still deliver materials, competitors still compete, things still go wrong from time to time requiring the attention and focus of management.

Managing change whilst delivering ‘business as usual’ requires either latent capacity in an organisation or its creation.

Where that capacity is not available ‘in-house’ we work as a partner to support businesses in times of change.


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Libra Change Partners is led by Rob Cunningham, working alongside Michael Carson as Head of Analysis.

We operate as change management experts partnering with clients to deliver meaningful performance improvements and sustainable change to their businesses.


Our Approach


We design and deliver change management programmes alongside our clients.

We validate beliefs through detailed, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the business.

We collaborate in designing programmes of work that can be delivered by the client.

We provide the capacity and capability to support the organisation in delivering those changes alongside business as usual.

We are pragmatic and practical with clients and deliver to time, cost and quality.

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We consistently deliver across FMCG Manufacturing & Retail, Financial Services, Warehousing & Logistics, Transport & Infrastructure resulting in profitable and sustainable growth for our clients.

We typically see

  • Productivity improvements in the range of 15 - 20%

  • Material cost benefits in the range of 5 - 10%

  • Sales and Margin improvements in the range of  5 - 10%

  • Working Capital & Inventory improvements in the range of 10 - 20%

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