Working with Libra Change is different.

Different to delivering change internally and different to previous partners you may have worked with.

A key to successful change is making sure everybody involved needs and wants the change and we facilitate the achievement of this.

We immerse ourselves in your business, prioritise it like our own, working in your style, livery and culture.

We never talk about the ‘Libra Project’; because the work we do is yours. It’s one of the ways we make change sustainable.

We bring the capacity to dedicate to a challenge or capability in specific areas. The end result of working with us will be greater than could have been achieved without us, but we are only ever an extension of your business team.

During the project, there will be a journey of discovery, understanding, alignment, ideation, effort and results. We understand who our sponsors and stakeholders are and help them to achieve the result they want, always aligned with the strategic objectives of the business.

Ideally, project teams are made up of joint Libra and client individuals; to further reaffirm that sense of combined effort towards a combined goal, a joint team is key.

As well as delivering a result, or change for the business, we pride ourselves in providing good development experiences for those involved in our projects. Client individuals can learn new skills and enhance their own experience by working with us. For the Libra team, every new project is a learning experience too.

We make our work sustainable. We pride ourselves on repeat business. We think our passion for your business will be apparent from day one. We think working with us is enjoyable and engaging. We know working with us will deliver a strong result for your business.

We’ll prove it.

Our Beliefs & Values

We are trusted partners supporting your strategic aims.

We work to your needs in a pragmatic manner, offering flexible delivery solutions.

We will always put things in plain English – from our scopes of work to our delivery.

We deliver change together, with you, not to you.

We use our tried and tested, staged approach to analyse, design and deliver with our clients.

We focus on providing support in key areas we have experience.

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