Our project managers and consultants discuss industry trends and typical projects, sharing knowledge and best practice gained from their own project delivery experience:

How to Automate Successfully for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 was first defined in 2011 as “the widespread integration of information and communication technology in industrial production.” However, many UK manufacturers are still using outdated automation processes and have failed to adapt these into the digital way of doing things; our experience is that businesses often approach automation reactively and from the wrong […]


Creating a Digital Twin to enhance Implementation Planning within Supply Chains

By Michael Carson, Group Commercial Director at Libra Europe To support businesses with complex supply chains in developing their asset management strategy, Libra Change projects often involve the creation of a ‘Supply Chain Digital Twin,’ (SCDT) to provide a foundation for decision making and implementation. Why use a Digital Twin? The SCDT is a digital […]


Attitudes to Supply Chain Issues and Environmental Challenges

  In the last 18 months, supply chains have been tested by the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges around importing and exporting resulting from Brexit.  In parallel with these challenges, the environmental impact of operations is increasingly an area of scrutiny. Libra Consulting has conducted a survey of major food manufacturers and […]


Crippled by Staff Shortages?

There seems to be no escape from the increasing pressures on businesses and staff shortages, whether they be drivers, pickers or operators. When you add Covid isolations, Brexit, carried over holidays and career changes into the mix, you have the perfect storm. The list of reasons is endless and whilst summer holidays may be drawing […]


Employing Enhanced Labour Planning Techniques to help with Labour Shortage Problems

You only have to turn on the news at the moment to hear on an almost daily basis about the labour shortage issues threatening to cripple businesses across multiple sectors. From manufacturing to farming and logistics to retail, it seems like almost no sector is immune. With no end to the issue seemingly in sight, […]


Mitigating the Impact of Brexit on the Manufacturer’s Bottom Line

This year, we were asked to conduct an audit for a manufacturer to define country of origin for a range of products with complex supply chains. Not atypically in the modern era of globalised trade, the manufacturer was receiving parts from China, the Middle East, USA and across Europe. Our task was to map their […]

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