Cost Modelling

Understanding what drives spend and how products contribute to profit allows for strategic decisions on the product offering.

We create repeatable cost models that provide visibility of why the business incurs costs based on manufacturing volumes. These highlight drivers for spend and provide the data to enable strategic decisions:-

  • Outsourcing: make/buy parts or products
  • Amending supply chain: change sourcing or manufacturing policies to reduce tariffs or logistics costs
  • Reviewing product portfolio: value-engineer loss-making SKUs, drive volumes of high margin SKUs, update pricing based on margins
  • Supporting CapEx decisions: highlight areas of the business that incur high costs and can be improved
  • Reducing direct labour costs: reviewing shift patterns (agency, FTE, overtime) to fulfil service at optimum cost

Our analytical team can support you to model your spend changes across large changes in the future, including how to navigate the change. We can link this analytical data with an opportunity assessment to provide a clear roadmap to meet strategic opportunities (growth, reduced spend, increased quality).


Duration: 2-6 months
Team: 1-3 people
Location: On-site or remote
• Strategic objective of outputs
• Business financial information
• Manufacturing data
• Validated cost model
• Clear impact of strategic scenarios

"The Libra team looked at our business from field to shelf to help us streamline our processes and drive out every unnecessary pound."

Bernard Cornibert, CEO - Wibdeco

"Libra's collaborative and pragmatic approach delivered practical and highly effective solutions to the complex challenges we faced."

Richard Samuel, CEO - NHS South

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