Network Optimisation

Optimising and managing your supply chain infrastructure is key to driving competitive advantage whilst minimising cost.

We are experts in helping you to fully understand your current end-to-end supply chain, ensuring all components influencing and impacting upon the supply chain are captured. We follow a proven methodology to develop a ‘Digital Twin’ of your supply chain.

We can help to:-

Map the current supply chain – Build a clear understanding of the current nodes and flows within the current supply chain

Validate costs & data – Validate the associated supply chain costs and utilise available data to create a ‘Baseline Digital Twin’

Scenario workshops – Engage key supply chain stakeholders to define and agree on optimisation hypotheses

Scenario modelling & refining – Iterative scenario modelling utilising the Digital Twin to quantify impact of scenario alterations

Implementation planning – Agree supply chain strategy based on modelling and create an implementation plan

Assessing and optimising the options available within your supply chain is often an iterative process with many scenarios available to assess. Utilising our approach, we combine engagement across all stakeholder levels with the use of world-class software to make the process scalable whilst being completed within a timely manner.

The type of scenario we often support clients understand better include:-

  • Cost reduction
  • Service tradeoffs
  • New markets & locations
  • M&A synergies
  • Risk & disruption
  • Cost & volume sensitivity
  • Make vs. Buy decisions
  • Open Close decisions
  • Regulation

Primary Stakeholders:

  • Procurement / sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Merchandising
  • Sales
  • Pricing

Metrics Impacted

  • Revenue increase
  • Improved service
  • Cost avoidance & reduction
  • Reduced risk
  • Sourcing savings
  • Production savings
  • Inventory savings
  • Transport savings
  • Fixed OPEX savings
  • Warehouse savings


Duration: 8-12 weeks
Team: 1-2 people
Location: On-site or remote
• Access to key supply chain data
• Sales history
• Purchase history
• Inventory holding
• Key supply chain costs
• Supply chain locations
• Location functions & capacity
• Current network & scenario models
• Network optimisation roadmap
• Financial opportunity

“Working with Libra was extremely beneficial for the Aspen business as we were able to deconstruct the complexities that have developed into the supply chain over the years. It has allowed us to develop a roadmap for not only efficiency gains in the short-term, but also an operating model that will allow further change as Aspen continues its rapid growth.”

Andrew Wakelin, Chief Operating Officer – Aspen Pumps

"Libra's approach is refreshing. They get you to the answer quickly and give proper advice rather than sitting on the fence."

Chris Clegg, Managing Director - Endless LLP

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