Value Stream Mapping

Analysing the current state and designing a future state for all activities that take a product or service from the source through to the end customer.

We use our tried and tested, three-phase approach to supporting clients to unlock opportunities from Value Stream Mapping:-

  1. Data gathering, orientation & cleansing
  2. Baseline modelling
  3. Future state & scenario modelling

The execution of Value Stream Mapping will provide the following outputs:-

  • A clear understanding of your existing data quality, highlighting any gaps and potential solutions to resolve
  • Understanding of your current cost to serve by product and by each activity that each product flows through
  • Understanding of the future state scenarios’ cost to serve by product and activity, including any volume ‘break points’
  • Guidance on appropriate solutions to deploy to optimise end-to-end cost with supporting timeline plan


Duration: 8-12 weeks
Team: 1-2 people
Location: On-site or remote
• Key costs within P&L
• Sales & purchase history
• Current cost to serve by product
• Future scenarios’ cost to serve
• Implementation plan

"Thorough, detailed and compelling work delivered in a highly engaging and positive fashion; the best consultancy work the business has commissioned in my time at McBride."

Richard Armitage, Chief Finance Officer - Robert McBride Plc

"Generating (this level) of benefits is a fantastic result for the engagement and gives Access Prepaid Wordwide a terrific ROI."

Patrick Maguire, Commercial Director - APW Mastercard

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