Training & Development

Our focus is to deliver results and transfer knowledge; building sustainable and scalable solutions is dependent on learning, with teams taking on new thinking and ways of working.

We enable teams to look differently at their business and adopt new tools and methods at each step of the change management process that they can repeat independently.

We support businesses with tailored training, coaching and mentoring around specific changes. All systems and processes developed have user-friendly Standard Operating Procedures and training guides that have been developed and tested with end-users.

We embed coaches in teams to support the deployment of systems and processes in the early stages, ensuring adoption and troubleshooting on the job.


Duration: 1 day - 12 months+
Team: Engagement specific
• Leadership commitment
• Context/knowledge
• Confidence
• Performance

"Generating (this level) of benefits is a fantastic result for the engagement and gives Access Prepaid Worldwide a terrific ROI."

Patrick Maguire, Commercial Director - APW Mastercard

"Libra acted with integrity and as Sainsbury's representatives to engage both internal colleagues and suppliers and deliver in a constantly evolving environment."

John Hall, Programme Manager - Sainsbury's

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