Working across functions to improve the understanding and flow of information needed to inform effective buying decisions.

Buying better:

  • Creation of value chain understanding, paying for true value not simply price

Buying less:

  •   Cleanse of master data as the basis of all decision-making (lead times, MOQs, EBQs, life, specifications, etc.)
  •   Alignment of forecast and demand management tools
  •   Effective and timely inventory management procedures and reporting
  •   Agreed stock management protocols and installation of effective modelling tools
  •   Data-driven reordering, removing subjective buffer stocks built into the process

Buying for less:

  •   Benchmarking and market intelligence regarding pricing and supply/demand metrics
  •   Use of value engineering data to drive supplier negotiations – pay for what you need, not what someone wants to sell
  •   Managed vendor negotiations with the introduction of tiered suppliers and performance reviews

Control systems:

  • End-to-end/full cycle view on procurement – incorporating waste, efficiency and out-of-life into the true cost of procurement
  • Incorporation of effective metrics into balanced scorecards and review processes

People development:

  •   Training, coaching and mentoring with regard to new processes, systems and ways of working
  •   Create a link between procurement and full life value of goods/services bought – move away from sole focus on PPV


Duration: 12-36 weeks
Team: 2-4 People
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Accurate Costings
• BOM’s
• Reduced end-to-end unit cost
• Optimised stocks
• Fit strategic sourcing on Quality/Cost/Service /Innovation Matrix

"Generating (this level) of benefits is a fantastic result for the engagement and gives Access Prepaid Worldwide a terrific ROI."

Patrick Maguire, Commercial Director – APW MasterCard

"What sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun."

Craig Walker, Chief Executive Officer - Labeyrie Fine Foods UK

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