Make is the business step which adds value to the product be that a physical item or a service. Maximising value-adding and eliminating no value-adding activities is key.

There are numerous ways of achieving these goals but the basic rule is to follow the seven waste principles of Lean.

Training staff in functional and management skills provides them with the knowledge to use the system effectively to drive performance forward.

Performance improvement should normally be driven by a clear understanding of the issues affecting performance. The issues are often hidden, ignored or avoided but in all cases they are driven by peoples’ behaviours. To properly understand performance, an objective review of all processes in the end-to-end value stream and an analysis using the Lean Template is the best way to expose the route causes and engage the whole organisation in a common understanding.

The business then needs to set out a clear plan with achievable objectives and most importantly some immediate action. Transparent tracking of achievements versus the plan and regular review is needed to maintain momentum and deliver the results.


Duration: 15-60 Weeks
Team: 2-10 People
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Co-opted in house resource
• Reduced Unit costs
• Improved Quality Consistency
• Improved Service OTIF

"The Libra team looked at our business from field to shelf to help us streamline our processes and drive out every unnecessary pound."

Bernard Cornibert, CEO - Winfresh

"Libra acted with integrity and as Sainsbury's representatives to engage both internal colleagues and suppliers and deliver in a constantly evolving environment."

John Hall, Programme Manager - Sainsbury's

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