Selling is a process like any other and requires understanding in the same way. The various elements of the sales process vary by industry and product and understanding which ones dominate in your market is the key to success.

In many businesses, the real market drivers are not fully recognised. Product, brand, personal relationships, route to market, range, price, quality and customer perception all drive buying decisions and objectively understanding which have the most impact is the first step in gaining more sales.

In any sales situation, the best route to improving performance is first to look at the competition and create a full understanding of why they do well or poorly. Identifying each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses allows the business to create an understanding of the key market success factors. By then benchmarking the organisation against these key factors, the business can develop a strategy to address weaknesses in the proposition or the team.


Duration: 8-26 weeks
Team: 2-4 people
Location: On-site and remote
• Stakeholder engagement
• Market intelligence
• Customer profiles
• Competitive benchmarking
• Optimised pricing to maximise sustainable margin by sector and geography
• Improved sales forecast accuracy
• Improved customer acquisition and retention
• Improved sales level

"Throughout, Libra acted in a pragmatic, hands-on fashion and communicated in a language that all stakeholders understood and bought into."

Robert Colver, Regional Director (North) - SIG Distribution

"Libra's approach is refreshing. They get you to the answer quickly and give proper advice rather than sitting on the fence."

Chris Clegg, Managing Director - Endless LLP

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