New Product Development

NPD is the driving force of companies and vital for business growth and relevance. By understanding your processes, we can work with you to develop your NPD process into a world-class function that generates revenue quicker and at lower cost, underpinning your future growth.

The process of New Product Development is often complex and encompasses a wide range of stakeholders. To support the enhancement of your NPD process we engage with all stakeholders to first understand the current process and ways of working. From this we work collaboratively with your teams to develop a desired ‘Future State’ NPD process, identifying the gaps vs. the current state.

Working collaboratively with your team, we typically deliver the following outputs:-

  • Immediate increase in projects being delivered on time and in budget leading to revenue generation from new products sooner
  • Clear rationalisation of existing projects to focus effort where most value can be achieved including the implementation of ‘Prioritisation Tool’
  • Introduction of clear gated process to ensure projects are aligned with business strategy
  • Non-value activities removed from process through process streamlining
  • Standardisation of project routings with alignment to clear roles and responsibilities
  • Enhanced use of current IT systems to support NPD – typically avoiding implementation and cost of new system
  • Training developed and delivered across all stakeholders within NPD


Duration: 3-6 months
Team: 2-3 people
Location: On-site or remote
• Access to NPD system and product roadmap
• Clear internal communication
• Engagement from all stakeholders
• Quicker project delivery
• Lower cost delivery
• Alignment of projects to strategy

"Throughout, Libra acted in a pragmatic, hands-on fashion and communicated in a language that all stakeholders understood."

Robert Colver, Regional Director (North) - SIG Distribution

"What sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun."

Craig Walker, Chief Executive Officer - Labryrie Fine Foods UK

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