Apprenticeships - Our Core Funded Programmes

With the need to develop organisational resilience in mind and as an accredited RoATP apprenticeship main provider, we are able to offer levy-funded apprenticeship programmes to support the learning and development of people across all levels of experience within an organisation.

By embracing learning and development in this way, learners are empowered to effect change as a group, benefitting from each other’s learning and working together to support the overarching strategic goals of the business. We spend time working with clients to understand their objectives and strategic goals and ensure that the apprenticeship programmes we deliver are optimally aligned to them and deliver the maximum benefit.

As specialists, we only deliver apprenticeships in Continuous Improvement and Leadership & Management. This means that all our consultant coaches are specialists too – and passionate about the subject matter they are delivering. As well as consultant coach specialists, we have our own in-house functional skills coaches, to ensure that learners are well supported and set up to succeed in the functional skills aspect of their qualification.

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