Lean Six Sigma

We offer Six Sigma Training, designed and delivered by experienced CI professionals, to enable the effective delivery of Lean Six Sigma projects.

Learners use a blend of Lean and Six Sigma, project and change management principles and tools to identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes.

Lean Six Sigma training teaches a structured approach, to inform performance by reducing variation in process and eliminating the root causes of defects to satisfy customers. Depending on the nature and complexity of the problem, different project methodologies are relevant. Think of CI as an umbrella that holds various toolkits.

Course benefits:
As learning is project-based, learners will complete improvement projects realising business efficiencies and saving money during their learning programme.
Learners gain valuable new skills without the need for considerable time spent off-the-job, as stipulated by apprenticeships. Course duration is considerably shorter with minimal disruption to operational activities.
The skills learned and embedded by real-life project work will enable learners to develop the skills across Lean, Six Sigma, project and change management to lead and drive future cost-saving projects.
Investing in staff development improves employee engagement and staff retention rates.

Programme detail:
The programme is structured around the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) framework. It uses a blend of material delivery and activities to provide the knowledge and skills to apply to a case study during the training and in projects at work. With each of the DMAIC phases, relevant aspects of project and change management are covered to support the effective delivery of Continuous Improvement projects. Click the infographic below to enlarge:

Course duration:
The teaching phase is an intensive course of five days (usually taught virtually.) Learners then undertake a project/case study based around their day-to-day role which should be submitted within five months.

Assessment and certification:
Assessment comprises 20% training and 30% examination, together with 50% presentation of their project / case study and accompanying professional discussion. This is an OFQUAL accredited, regulated qualification, awarded through ETA (https://www.etc-awards.com)


Course duration: intensive 5-day course, followed by project work (5 months max.)
Qualification: external awarding body, universally-recognised Continuous Improvement qualification
Key benefits:
• Learners develop the skills to lead and drive cost-saving projects
• Significant new skills learned by doing, rather than "off-the-job"
• Project work delivers considerable benefits and embeds learning
• Shorter course duration compared to apprenticeship programmes

"I found the pragmatic, challenging and straightforward approach refreshing and ultimately highly effective."

Peter Nelson, Operations Director - The Glenmorangie Whisky Company

"What sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun."

Craig Walker, Chief Executive Officer - Labeyrie Fine Foods UK

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