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Knowing your Position in a Team and How Leadership determines “Formation”

By Michael Carson, Group Commercial Director In our companies we might call it organisational structure; on the football field, it’s a ‘formation’. We have a ‘job role’ in our work team; a position in a football team. Whatever the terminology, the importance of having clarity on your position and the formation in both business and […]


Gifting your Apprenticeship Levy

By Frances Ball, Business Development Manager Over the last few months, we’ve really enjoyed helping our clients to understand how to fully utilise their levy pot. Many of these businesses struggle to use their entire levy pot in full and yet are unaware that they can gift up to 25% of this. How does it […]


What Sport can Teach Business about Teamwork and Leadership

By Andy Kaye, Owner at AKLD Training Limited Have you ever heard of “Sport Billy”? The story revolves around a young boy named Sport Billy who is from the planet Olympus (a twin of Earth on the opposite side of the Sun) which is populated by athletic god-like beings. Billy himself has a magic size-changing […]


Functional Skills and the “I can’t do maths” Paradox

By Ryan Hamilton, Consultant Coach at Libra Learning Throughout my teaching career to date, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of age groups. Everything from 11-year-olds all the way to 60+ students. You would think that there wouldn’t be a huge amount of similarities in such a wide range of […]


What is ‘Cognitive Fitness’ and why is it important?

That’s a great question! I say that because ‘cognitive fitness’ means different things in different countries! That may sound crazy but it’s true. In the UK, from an organisational and business perspective, we use the term ‘cognitive fitness’ to mean; “Thinking in the right ways at the right time with flexibility, agility and strength” But […]


Cognitive Team Roles: which one are you?

The theory There are a few ‘team role’ models around and they are all pretty much designed to do the same thing; help you work out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and as a result, where you can contribute to team and organisational success. It doesn’t really matter which models you choose to explore; […]

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