Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching programme has been developed with the central belief that we understand others through a greater understanding of ourselves and that greater self-awareness is the key to unlocking a leader’s full potential.

Typically a 6-month intervention, a key part of the programme lies within the detailed pre-work. We call our executive coaching programme “coaching with an edge” because we establish tangible measures for success with the coach at the outset; it’s because of the emphasis that is put on the pre-assessment diagnostics and ‘scoping’ conversations that we are able to do this.

Programme Structure:
The pre and post-programme work are integral to the programme’s success. By devoting time and effort to the preparation and diagnostic stage, our coaches ensure that the programme is perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual to ensure optimal progress. The post-work phase ensures that the goals of the coachee have been met and provides evidence of progress against the original objectives set.

Programme Content:
There are four core modules that are integral to every programme. These are supplemented with 2+ elective modules according to the needs of the individual coachee and driven by the diagnostic phase undertaken as part of the programme pre-work.

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Crucial to and woven through the entire programme are the underpinning themes of Authentic Leadership, Cognitive Fitness and Culture. Amongst our coaches are qualified psychotherapists and the UK’s leading authority on Authentic Leadership, Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones. Different coaches will be used for the delivery of different modules,
according to their own interests and areas of expertise. Click below to enlarge:


Course features:
• Scoping and diagnostics to pinpoint the needs of the individual and the wider business
• Use of psychometrics to provide new insights and perspectives
• Clear and measurable objectives agreed with each individual coachee
• Elective course modules to tailor the programme to each individual
• Underpinning philosophy embedded within the programme around the three themes of:
- Authentic Leadership – being your best self
- Cognitive Fitness – thinking in the right ways at the right time
- Creating Culture - “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker)
• World-class coaching by coaches who are experts in their field
• Performance metrics to evidence the value delivered by the programme

"What sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun."

Craig Walker, Chief Executive Officer - Labeyrie Fine Foods UK

"The results are speaking for themselves. With any form of training, the proof of a good dish is always in the eating.... and our learners are showing an appetite."

Allan Norman, Factory Manager - Butcher's Pet Care Ltd.

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