Organisational Design

What are you trying to cause? This is the key question we seek to answer.

Organisational design is not about coming up with a new structure, it’s about, in the first instance, understanding what you want your business to achieve. We can then work with you to define what the organisation needs to make that a reality.

We analyse your business to understand the degree to which current capacity and capability match your future expectations. We work with you to develop and agree on the route map to achieving your optimally designed organisation. Once we know the journey, we will know what structure will drive us there


Duration: 3 months +
Team: 1-5 people
Location: On-site or remote working
• Context/knowledge
• Confidence
• Performance
• Vision & leadership

"The results are speaking for themselves. With any form of training, the proof of a good dish is always in the eating.... and our learners are showing an appetite."

Allan Norman, Factory Manager - Butcher's Pet Care Ltd.

"It was refreshing to hear that the training and development programmes I had in mind could be tailored to meet our specific requirements and aims. It has been so successful that we are already planning a second cohort."

Zoe Shackleton, HR Manager - Huddersfield Town AFC

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