Continuous Improvement Apprenticeships and Qualifications

Understanding Continuous Improvement

Our approach to Continuous Improvement is born of the belief that any improvement to a business process must first be centred around improvement to people. Businesses are a collaboration of people. Business Operations are where those people develop and control processes to achieve an outcome.

Whatever the industry – be it manufacturing, service, logistics or healthcare, there is often a great emphasis upon establishing the process (often to much fanfare and expenditure), which is then left static whilst both the people engaging with it, (staff and customers,) and the wider world continue to change and evolve. Libra Learning recognises this and works with employers to give employees empowerment to own their processes; to build, modify and adapt as the business evolves.

Delivery Options

These programmes are available as apprenticeships, delivered and funded through Apprenticeship Levy over 12+ months.

Applicable Apprenticeship Standards:

Alternatively, for shorter engagements, individual modules or cycles can be purchased and delivered separately.

Continuous Improvement Programme – Major Themes Overview

Programmes Built Around Business Need

Where does your business want to go? How can we help get you there? What does that look like? Every business is different, with differing needs. At Libra Learning, we recognise that businesses do not want an ‘off-the-shelf”, vanilla, college-style course that merely covers the theory and only pays lip service to their particular industry. Learning how Toyota makes cars may be interesting but not necessarily immediately applicable for a business that packs vegetables. Therefore, we ensure we work with the business executive to understand the overarching need for change; we examine what the output must look like and then frame the development programme within that journey so that it makes sense and generates a tangible connection to everyone involved.

Critical Mass Learning = Adoption

Strategic programmes – such as embedding Continuous Improvement across a site or business, must move quickly and gain a critical mass to drive wider adoption of new tools. Therefore, we advocate larger cohorts, deploying learning simultaneously across multiple levels of management to drive improvement projects through the site’s own management structure rather than being seen as an “external” initiative.

Little and Often/Embedded Support

Bigger cohorts facilitate flexibility of approach. We appreciate that time is the biggest barrier to effective learning, which is why our programmes have broken down learning into 1-2 hour blocks for maximum flexibility. Where possible, we also offer to embed one of our consultants within your business full time to facilitate the programme (typically with cohorts of 30 or more), giving our clients a dedicated resource not only to drive learning, but also to react and flex the programme around business priorities as and when.

Example Project Timeline

L3/4 Improvement Technician / Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard (click on the infographic below to enlarge):-

We follow a “little and often” approach to learning, returning to the same subject several times, but in increasing depth each time. You will be supported to apply your new skills in business improvement projects that have a tangible impact on your workplace.

Learn about the specific apprenticeships we offer in more detail below:-

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