L2 Lean Manufacturing Operative (White Belt Six Sigma Level)

What you’ll learn on the Lean Operative Apprenticeship

You will learn about preparation control and contribution to manufacturing operations and manufacturing processes/SOPs, whilst adhering to specific safe working policies and procedures, as well as how to maintain H&S requirements, PPE, equipment and tooling, resetting of machinery, disposal of waste and environmental systems and regulatory requirements (ISO14001). Apprentices will learn to contribute, develop and support improvement in the manufacturing operation using Continuous Improvement methods, Kaizen tools, process visualisation using lean principles and problem-solving tools and techniques.

Why you’ll learn it

Apprentices will learn how to carry out work safely, meeting the quality standards demanded in a fast-paced and efficient processing environment and will develop into a multi-skilled operator through process ownership. A lean manufacturing operative can be required to carry out manufacturing activities on multiple products with different specifications consecutively e.g. in automotive manufacturing – multi-models manufacturing results in the manufacturing of different models of vehicles with different specification variants within a high-volume manufacturing environment.

What does the programme consist of?

The programme will be based around the relevant apprenticeship standard but built around the clear objectives and goals of your job and the general development of the business. Learners will also get a level 2 functional skills qualification in maths and English if they do not already have those qualification equivalents.

How will it help the individual?

It will help the individual to respond positively to change in the working environment, integrate within their team whilst supporting others, work independently and effectively in challenging situations, maintain quality of work under pressure, understand Continuous Improvement tools and techniques, improve communication and follow instructions/guidance whilst demonstrating attention to detail.

How will it help the business?

Supporting learners through the level 2 lean operative qualification will help the business to implement a lean footprint at operative level, ensuring operatives are fully aware of lean methodology, tools and techniques. It will help the business to develop processes to improve efficiency and productivity, improve communication across departments, improve compliance with safety and environmental standards, reduce and eliminate waste and optimise OEE.

Apprenticeship Standard STO420:

  • Delivery Level: 2
  • Min. Functional Skills Entry Requirements:
    English GCSE D-F (3-1) / FS 1 maths GCSE D-F (3-1) / FS 1
  • Programme Duration: 12 – 14 months
  • Learning Method: Blended – onsite & online
  • Sectors: Not sector-specific

How is it Assessed?:

  • Knowledge test
  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence
  • Professional discussion relating to project

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Some of the topics covered:

• Health and safety
• Environmental
• Production
• Lean manufacturing operations
• Quality control
• Problem solving
• Continuous improvement
• Communication

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Allan Norman, Factory Manager - Butcher's Pet Care Ltd.

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