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Understanding Leadership & Management

Existing and Future Leader Development Programmes

Our management development programmes are designed to invert traditional management teaching (which focusses on specific tools and techniques) for a more holistic approach that starts with understanding the desired outcome.

This then kickstarts a journey of introspection and self-realisation. Starting with the self, we progressively build outwards from our own habits and routines, taking in our interactions with others and the cause-and-effect nature of relationships. Towards the end of the course, focus is given to the tools and techniques of business but viewed in the now much wider context of improved understanding of ourselves and how we work with others.

Delivery Options

These programmes are available as apprenticeships, delivered and funded through Apprenticeship Levy over 12+ months.

Applicable Apprenticeship Standards:

Alternatively, for shorter engagements, individual modules or cycles can be purchased and delivered separately.

Leadership and Management Development Programme – Learning Cycles Overview

Strategic Alignment

What are we trying to cause as a business? Resolving problems? Driving aspirations? It is important for the learners that there is an overarching context and applicability to their learning otherwise the process is too abstract and nothing really changes other than individuals have a greater knowledge base than they did before. So, as well as ensuring that the learners understand the journey they’re committing to, we also ensure that learning is tailored to business needs.

Personal Resilience

The better we understand ourselves, the greater our understanding of others. We believe programme learning starts with the self, understanding ourselves, how we process, how we think, how we present to the world, developing our own self-awareness to the way we operate, and our style(s) of leadership and management. It’s a crucial first step. For the greater one knows oneself, the easier it is to understand others.

Interpersonal Excellence

Interpersonal excellence takes the learners on a journey into a deeper understanding of how to lead and manage others, the importance of values, building teams, coaching and mentoring, performance management, building relationships and communication.

Business Mastery

By this time, we know each learner well and can tailor the business mastery tools cycle to complement their previous experiences and understanding of subjects – such as PM, OM, finance, risk management, Continuous Improvement

Example Project Timeline

L3/5 Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Standard (click the infographic below to enlarge):-

60-70 weeks.  3 x 12 week project cycles to embed new skills, each with a different theme.

Learn about the specific apprenticeships we offer in more detail below:-

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