L5 Operations/Department Manager

What you’ll learn on the Operations Department Manager apprenticeship

You will learn that mastery of business tools alone does not make an exceptional manager – you must also be an inspirational leader by gaining a deep understanding of self, reflecting and understanding how you appear to others and building skills to embrace your own leadership style.

Why you’ll learn it

Junior management and middle/senior management require very different skillsets. Junior management is often focussed on the consistent and smooth delivery of a process. Challenges faced can often be overcome by superior knowledge of the process as compared to our peers. As we climb the ladder, the focus on process and delivery is replaced by a new priority – that of relationships. Relationships between people, relationships between different processes and relationships between cause and effect. Successful managers must appreciate and recognise the potential impact of their decisions upon the wider organisation and beyond.

What does the programme consist of?

The programme will be based around the relevant apprenticeship standard but built around the clear objectives and goals of your job and the general development of the business. You will also get a L2 Functional Skills qualification in maths and English if you do not already have those qualification equivalents.

How will it help the individual and the business?

This course is for those experienced managers who want to take the next step in their career by building their skills, competence and understanding of relationships. This course gives the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to impart absolute confidence to face and overcome the many challenges involved in leading large operations. At a business level, this gives a common baseline of skills and behaviours for managers in the business.

Apprenticeship Standard ST0385:

  • Delivery Level: 5
  • Min. Functional Skills Entry Requirements:
    English GCSE 9-4 (A*-C) / FS2 – Maths GCSE 9-4 (A*-C) / FS2
  • Programme Duration: 14 – 16 months
  • Learning Method: Blended – onsite & online
  • Sectors: Not sector-specific

How is it Assessed?:

  • Knowledge test using scenarios
  • Competency-based interview
  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence
  • Presentation of work-based project approach and findings with Q&A
  • Professional discussion relating to CPD activity

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Some of the topics covered:

• Operational management models
• Project management
• Business departmental finance
• Leading people
• Managing people
• Building relationships
• Decision-making skills
• Risk management tools & techniques
• Setting appropriate KPI’s
• Sales and marketing plans
• Financial forecasting
• Communication strategies
• Self awareness
• Managing multiple teams
• Talent management
• Recruitment and development
• Collaborative working models
• Prioritisation techniques

"It was refreshing to hear that the training and development programmes I had in mind could be tailored to meet our specific requirements and strategic aims. It has been so successful that we are already planning a second cohort."

Zoe Shackleton, HR Manager - Huddersfield Town AFC

"I found the pragmatic, challenging and straightforward approach refreshing and ultimately highly effective."

Peter Nelson, Operations Director - The Glenmorangie Whisky Company

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