L3 Team Leader

What you’ll learn on the Team Leader apprenticeship

Learners are given key foundational tools for developing personal resilience, enabling them to step away from the comfort zone of their base skillset, finding their voice and style as a manager/leader. From there we equip the skills necessary to build and lead strong, effective teams that deliver tangible results.

Why you’ll learn it

Leadership is a skill as valuable as any trade. Like a trade, it contains skillsets that can be learned. However, the transition from a high-performing employee to an effective and inspirational leader is not easy and often misunderstood. The transition is hard on the individual as there is a sudden shift from self-reliance to relying on others for results. Likewise, the organisation finds promotion difficult as the value-add output from the individual is lost – to be replaced with a new manager, learning on the job.

What does the programme consist of?

The programme will be based around the relevant apprenticeship standard but built around the clear objectives and goals of your job and the general development of the business. You will also get a L2 Functional Skills qualification in maths and English if you do not already have those qualification equivalents.

How will it help the individual and the business?

This course is built for new managers or prospective future leaders, to give them the tools and mental aptitude to address the shock of new responsibility head-on and to equip them with tools and strategies to hit the ground running as a high-performing leader in their new role.

Apprenticeship Standard ST0384:

  • Delivery Level: 3
  • Min. Functional Skills Entry Requirements:
    English GCSE 9-4 (A*-C) / FS2 Maths GCSE 9-4 (A*-C) / FS2
  • Programme Duration: 12 – 14 Months
  • Learning Method: Blended – onsite & online
  • Sectors: Not sector-specific

How is it Assessed?:

  • Knowledge test
  • Interview
  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence
  • Professional discussion relating to CPD activity

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Some of the topics covered:

• Leadership
• Managing people and performance management
• Building business relationships
• Operational management and planning work
• Project management
• Problem definition
• Business finance
• Personal effectiveness
• Managing change
• Self awareness and projection
• Time management
• Decision making and problem solving

"What sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun."

Craig Walker, Chief Executive Officer - Labeyrie Fine Foods UK

"The results are speaking for themselves. With any form of training, the proof of a good dish is always in the eating.... and our learners are showing an appetite."

Allan Norman, Factory Manager - Butcher's Pet Care Ltd.

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