Understanding Apprenticeships

Over the course of many years, a widely-held view has developed that apprenticeships are for school leavers and are undertaken on an individual basis.

Understanding apprenticeships more fully in 2022, however, means considering that they are in fact far more flexible in content and delivery and apprentices far more diverse in terms of job roles, educational background and age.

We believe in lifelong education and that new skills and behaviours can be acquired at any age and with the most varied range of experiences. We also believe that the most benefit is derived both for apprentices and their business by guiding a cohort of learners at different stages of their careers through apprenticeship programmes together. In this way, apprenticeships can be truly transformational for a business.

Apprenticeships in Continuous Improvement are appropriate to employees of any age in almost every job role. Improvement is a way of life in an environment and a world of constant change in which progressive businesses are passionate about ensuring that their employees achieve the highest level of job satisfaction possible, and in which they are equipped to create maximum value again and again. New ways of working, new ways of thinking, new ways of co-operating and building value together; this is the essence of Lean CI, a relentless drive to maximise value through the application of simple techniques which transform culture and behaviour within businesses.

Apprenticeships in leadership & management and coaching develop the leadership skills of existing leaders and create the next generation of future leaders. Leadership, teamwork, communication and personal effectiveness all benefit, as does the self-confidence of many learners on these programmes.

No longer do apprentices and their learning inhabit a vacuum remote from the everyday concerns of their employer. Our apprenticeship programmes are embedded in the real, day-to-day operational challenges and opportunities faced by companies in every sector.

Learning is delivered both on-site and remotely, but always “in the real world”, through a blend of teaching, coaching and real-life, project-based activity which creates measurable, tangible benefits to the employer, and experience and a sense of achievement to the apprentice.

Apprenticeships have changed and they are transforming businesses in a sustainable, scalable way.

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