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How does your ESG strategy serve your business?

In today’s world, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. ESG refers to the ethical, social, and environmental impacts of a company’s operations and its approach to corporate responsibility. A well planned ESG strategy not only helps businesses identify their goals, risks, and opportunities related to sustainability, […]


Are you ready for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

If you’re affected by the new extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging, you will need to collect the correct packaging data from 1 January 2023 Check if you need to take action The regulations will apply to all UK organisations that handle and supply packaging to consumers and to businesses. You must take action to […]


Ukraine Support – Shaun and Joe’s Trip Details and How you can help

Ukraine Support – Refugee Driving & Transport This crib sheet is provided after returning from a trip in collaboration with a small charity ‘Love Bristol’ which operates from the humanitarian centre in Przemysl (pronounced Shishmal), a small town on the Poland/Ukraine border and one of the main transit routes for refugees fleeing Ukraine into Europe. Refugees […]


Libra Europe move to a modern approach to holiday entitlement

Libra Europe is delighted to announce a new, modern approach to holiday entitlement, moving away from the traditional ‘allowance’ mechanism to an unrestricted policy for all colleagues. One constant that has remained with the Libra team throughout the change to our working routines over the last few months is an unrelenting focus on output. This […]


Huddersfield Town AFC announces Libra Europe as Official Partner and Training Provider for 2021-22 Season

Libra Europe is pleased to announce our official partnership with Huddersfield Town AFC for the 2021-22 season. Having worked successfully with the club over the last 12 months as the chosen provider of the club’s successful leadership and management training programme, our partnership has never been stronger. With a second cohort of learners recently enrolling […]


Libra Europe Celebrates 20 Years

Unsurprisingly given the challenges we have all faced over the first half of 2020, turning 20 hasn’t really been at the forefront of our minds, yet here we are, one year older and sadly wiser to things none of us seriously considered over the previous years. In the circumstances, it feels wrong to be too […]

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