‘the results achieved were sustainable and part of the business culture

.. a clear sense of opportunity, a roadmap for delivery, and a quality of people that underpinned its delivery.’

Gavin Williams, UK Managing Director, XPO Logistics


‘did what they said they would do

.. acting as facilitators and change agents with my team who made and continue to make great progress’

Howard Taylor, Managing Director, SIG Ireland


‘collaborative and pragmatic approach

.. delivered practical and highly effective solutions to the complex challenges we face’

Richard Samuel, CEO, NHS South


‘rapidly established a great understating of the business

.. honest and pragmatic relationships with internal teams provided clarity on what we needed to achieve’

Martin Soper, Director, Mastercard


‘able to quickly grasp the challenge

...focusing on the key opportunities and making the case for change extremely convincing’

Phil Barnes, Head of Multi-channel Fulfillment, Wilko


‘Provided hands-on support

the Libra team engaged, coached and supported my team, not just told them what to do’

Paul Coupe, General Manager, KP Nuts


‘real breakthroughs both for the company and our people

…what sets the Libra people apart is their integrity, their humility and their sense of humour and fun’

Craig Walker, CEO, Labeyrie Fine Foods UK


‘The best consultancy work the business has commissioned

…thorough, detailed and compelling work, delivered in a highly engaging and positive fashion’

Richard Armitage, CFO, Robert McBride Plc


‘Pragmatic, challenging and straight forward approach

refreshing and ultimately highly effective’

Peter Nelson, Operations Director, The Glenmorangie Whisky Company


‘The advise is always ‘down to Earth’, rooted in realism and practical

…Libra’s work is thorough, detailed and they are able to communicate ideas and solutions very effectively’

Patrick Bastow, Managing Director, Lincolnshire Herbs