Libra Europe Consulting agree partnership deal with Gemba Solutions Ltd

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Libra Europe Consulting are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Production Efficiency Solution provider, Gemba Solutions Ltd.

This exciting new venture combines our experience of transforming operational performance through developing people and robust processes with an effective Shop Floor Data Capture solution.

“Gemba Solutions enables our clients to effortlessly attain manufacturing performance data to inform their decision-making process. Working in partnership with Libra, this will create a real benefit for all our clients who want to identify and realise potential savings opportunities.”

Andrew Fenton, Director, Libra Europe Consulting Limited

About Gemba Solutions Ltd

Some of the features available through Gemba include:

  • ANDON System – The ANDON screen displays the real-time production status, so you can see what is happening on your shop floor

  • OEE Software – Maximise your production output whilst maintaining product quality. It can track a suit of KPIs to help you benchmark plant and process efficiency and identify areas for improvement.

  • SIC - Provides you with a mechanism to visually illustrate, collect and analyse data at regular short intervals, and to implement and verify the effectiveness of corrective actions.

  • Production Call System - Transmit requests for support (i.e. maintenance required, machine breakdown, no materials etc.) from the shop-floor via email, lamp tower etc, with a closed-loop escalation process to ensure issues are dealt with effectively.

  • Real-Time Inventory tracking, Electronic documentation upload, Maintenance management, Customer reporting, Work order tracking and more…

For further information on this partnership please contact Andrew Fenton at


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