Libra Europe Consulting announce partnership deal with ShopTech

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Libra Europe Consulting is excited to announce a new partnership with ERP specialist software provider ShopTech

With over 8,000 shops using the E2 Shop System every day, Shoptech is one of the largest privately held software providers in the United States and are ready to expand into the European market.

This partnership combines Libra’s years of experience designing and optimising end-to-end business workflows with a scalable platform that is proven to support performance and growth in businesses. The more thorough the integration the greater the increase in productivity; the more sophisticated the reporting capabilities; the better the performance analysis; the less inventory needed to be kept on-hand, and consequently the less capital tied up in stock.

“This is a great opportunity for our clients to benefit from a leading ERP system for SMEs with over 8,000 clients. I am confident we will have a long and successful partnership”

Andrew Fenton, Managing Director for Libra Solutions Partners

The E2 Shop System is ideal for job shops, make-to-order manufacturers, job-based and mixed-mode manufacturers. Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, the E2 Shop System works well for one-off or repeat orders and is specifically designed for users that:

  • Handle jobs that are flexible with the customer demand

  • Require dynamic and flexible job scheduling

  • Struggle to manage and maintain correct inventory levels

  • Struggle to maintain business synergy between departments

For further information on Shoptech and how your business could benefit from an ERP system, please contact Andrew Fenton at

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