Change management consultancy’s dramatic growth attributed to fresh thinking and pragmatism


Challenging convention and pinpointing the real barriers to change is continuing to underpin the success of change management specialist Libra Europe Consulting. As it approaches its 20th anniversary, new contracts with the likes of VJ Technology, XPO Logistics and Princes has seen the progressive consultancy double in size over the past year. According to Chief Executive, Tim Kershaw, the dramatic growth of the business demonstrates the importance of fresh thinking and pragmatism as retail and logistics operations face up to the relentless squeeze on margins, fierce global competition and the constraints of legacy structures and processes.

“Just as the retail and logistics sectors are having to grapple with constantly shifting business priorities, so too has the need for anyone working in the field of change management to reassess the practicalities and realities for achieving the best outcomes. Our collaborative and hands-on approach to help clients fulfil their operational and performance objectives clearly resonates with businesses struggling to adapt and identify or address those factors that are compromising growth, efficiencies and competitiveness.

Today, it is clear that effective change management strategies cannot be imposed. There needs to be true engagement and a real commitment to embrace new ways of doing things, new responsibilities and new mindsets. Showing how to achieve that level of connection and supportive attitude has helped our team of consultants to transform productivity and performance for clients throughout the retail and logistics sectors without creating new obstacles or deferring progress. I have no doubt that such a pragmatic approach has underpinned our success and growth over the past few years.”

J Sainsbury’s, M&S, XPO Logistics, Samworth Brothers, KP Snacks, SIG Distribution and Bakkavor – Cucina Sano are among the growing number of clients benefitting from the expertise and insight of Libra Europe Consulting. And, in tandem with the consultancy’s growth, recent additions to Libra’s team of specialist consultants include Learning and Development Manager, Ben Davies; Senior Business Analyst, Michael Carson; Senior Consultant, Christos Zorzompokos; and Project Manager, Katy Wicks.

The consultancy benefits from close partnerships with key software providers to provide clients with robust and proven tools to deliver the most effective and sustainable outcomes, including Llamasoft supply chain planning software, Siemens Preactor APS production planning and scheduling software, MRPEasy cloud-based MRP software. It has also recently confirmed a new partnership with Gemba Solutions production management software to provide an effective Shop Floor Data Capture solution.

“We’re determined to deliver change management solutions that reflect fully the unique parameters, dynamics and market influences of our clients,”

“Building on our strengths and our knowledge of the logistics and retail sectors, we will continue to challenge convention and open minds to the collective and personal benefits of progressive and proactive change. In doing so, we will act as a catalyst for instilling the belief and assurance to help our clients look to the future with confidence rather than trepidation.”

Tim Kershaw, Chief Executive Officer

Mat AllmanComment