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Andrew Fenton, Managing Director of Libra Solutions Partners, gives a brief insight of the background and purpose of Libra Europe Consulting Limited's new business solution enterprise.

Having been part of the LEC team for 8 years, I have been engaged with numerous clients to design and implement sustainable change programmes to improve operational performance. 2019 has seen LEC create a focussed and specialised offering to clients creating 4 new business units – My role is Managing Director of the Libra Solutions Partners (LSP) business unit.

With a degree in Psychology and Computer Science, I combine people and processes with software systems to build sustainable and deliverable projects designed to future-proof businesses.

I appreciate that too often software installations are considered to be “just a software installation” . It is this thinking that results in the selection of a technology that doesn’t suit the business needs or an unsuccessful implementation of a software that is not fit for purpose. The success rate of software installations is at 40% but can be far greater.

You can go back to 2000 to the $400m Supply Chain & ERP upgradeat Nike or 2018 when Lidl opted to cancel their new ERP implementation having spent an estimated $500m only to revert to reviving their existing system; the cost of failure in deploying new systems is astronomic for any business. And that’s not to mention the impact on employee morale during the implementation process.

I believe that if time and energy is spent fully understanding the people and process elements of a systems installation; ensuring close engagement with the all users of the solution from the outset, then this will significantly increase the chances of success.

This is the purpose and mission of Libra Solutions Partners –

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I believe that the solution should fit the business and not the other way around. By being results focused, task orientated, collaborative and structured; LSP works with clients to de-risks software implementation projects by clearly defining the criteria and goals and building fully qualified programmes of work in collaboration with clients and third-party vendors.

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Andrew Fenton, Managing Director LSP

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