Libra Europe Consulting partner agreement with Global Supply Chain Technology firm LLamasoft


Libra Europe Consulting have today announced a partnership with Supply Chain Technology giant LLamasoft. The partnership combines Libras extensive supply chain & operations background with LLamasoft's market-leading supply chain technology.

‘Working with LLamasoft adds a suite of tools to our offering that we feel will create competitive advantages for our client base. The combination of LLamasoft technology with Libra consulting resources is a great platform for better understanding and optimising local and global supply chain networks’

Bob Heward, Managing Partner, Libra Europe Consulting Limited

LLamasoft enables organisations around the world to model and optimise their supply chain operations for major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation. The partnership provides LLamasoft with additional capacity in a key market and Duncan Mack, LLamasoft Alliances Director EMEA, outlined the importance of this strategic relationship with LEC.

“LLamasoft are delighted to have signed a Partner Agreement with Libra Europe Consulting. Both sides are committed to combine their complementary strengths to provide compelling solutions for customers who need to either optimise or transform their supply chains”.

For further information on this partnership please contact Michael Carson at

Mat Allman