We help clients change the way they think about their businesses.

Consider working with us if you have;

A recognised need to change ways of working, structures, processes and supporting systems
– we’ll take a holistic approach as it’s unlikely there’s a ‘silver bullet’ solution

A commitment to meaningful people development
– developing people who effect change, not just recipients of certificates

A desire to implement change that will be sustainable and scalable
– this won’t necessarily be the easiest route to short-term gains but it will be the most robust over time

Our Beliefs & Values

We commit and invest our time and resources into every client we work with - this starts from our first conversation as we build a shared understanding.

We care about defining and delivering the best solution for each individual client engagement - we offer sustainable solutions, not a quick fix that will fail when we step away.

We’re honest with ourselves and we’re honest with our clients, - our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver and acting with integrity whilst doing this.

We collaborate with colleagues, our partners and our clients. - together, we deliver.

How We Work With You

We ask questions. We listen. We focus on what’s important to you as a client

We jointly define the issues or challenges to be addressed and what good will look like when it is resolved. We determine organisational capability to deliver the change needed alongside delivering business as usual. We identify and provide the right resources to bridge gaps in capability and capacity to deliver change. We deliver balanced and scalable solutions that address people, process, systems and product development.

When we act, we act together and when we deliver, we deliver together.

How we add value to our clients

For more than 20 years, our clients have realised, sustained and scaled improvements in their performance by working with Libra Europe.

Whether through consultancy or learning & development programmes, we work alongside our clients to implement solutions that consistently deliver measurable results. These solutions allow our clients to compete and grow profitably by buying, making, selling and delivering their products and services more efficiently and more effectively.

Charity & Community

Today, more than ever before, we believe that those who remain the most vulnerable in our society should not remain or become forgotten.

Our charity partner, Centrepoint, is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, having supported more than 10,000 homeless young people into a home and a job. Working directly in London, Manchester, Yorkshire & the North East, they are key influencers of government policy, with the aim of ending youth homelessness.

To date, we are proud to have raised over £15,000 for Centrepoint.

Our approach centres on engaging and working closely with our Centrepoint account manager in order to align ourselves with Centrepoint’s strategic mission. Our partnership is not just about fundraising, it’s about being able to provide our expertise and in-house skills to help consult, develop and embed a strong strategic vision, whilst sharing our time and experience through the coaching scheme.

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