Value Engineering

Labeyrie Fine Foods

Labeyrie Fine Foods partnered with Libra Europe to optimise its supply process, achieving significant benefits and removing shelf-ready packaging in stores.


Labeyrie Fine Foods


October 11, 2023


Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Labeyrie Fine Foods, with Libra's expertise, boosted its supply chain, securing £1m+ annual gains and optimising packaging.


Founded in southwestern France in 1946, Labeyrie Fine Foods has over 70 years’ experience in the fine food sector. With over 4,500 employees, the Labeyrie Group generates an annual turnover in excess of €1billion through sales of its own brands and as a subcontractor of private labels.


As a high performing supplier with strong relationships throughout its supply chain, Labeyrie was looking to energise a retailer-led value chain programme and engage stakeholders through the various organisations involved.


Libra's support commenced with a point of origin analysis, mapping product flows from suppliers in the Far East and Central America through to the UK ports and processing facilities, then onward into Sainsbury’s. Physical and financial metrics relating to product movement were mapped and headline areas of focus defined with a pilot supplier identified for further investigation. A supplier visit was arranged to Thai Union (based in Thailand) where a detailed analysis was conducted, mapping product and information flows. Validation and benchmarking of internal processes to Lyons Seafoods were completed with joint results plans delivered between the supplier, Lyons and Sainsbury’s. A governance process was implemented to manage the delivery of changes agreed and track the delivery of benefits.


The results planning process had delivered substantial benefits, amounting to over £1m annualised. This achievement had been facilitated by the active engagement of Lyons Seafoods' stakeholders throughout the process. Concurrently, there had been a successful knowledge transfer to the Lyons UK team, empowering them to conduct a detailed analysis on point of origin sources. Furthermore, shelf-ready packaging had been eliminated from the store.

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