Our Beliefs

We believe there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to business or change management within businesses.

Over the last 20 years, we have built on the reputation by meeting the ever changing needs of our clients.

We focus on change management being delivered in a practical and pragmatic way looking for the best fit of people, experience, expertise and personality to best suit the specific needs of our clients throughout their change agenda.

Across each business unit, we maintain our commitment to knowledge transfer at the point of delivery to ensure sustainable solutions are implemented.



Who we are


Libra Change Partners (LCP) is our core business providing change management consultancy

Libra-3E (L3E) focuses on client learning and development both inside and outside of the RoATP Apprentice Levy Fund

Libra Solutions Partners (LSP) supports clients to specify, select and effectively implement a software solution that is right for their business.

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Our people


Owned and managed by Tim Kershaw and Bob Heward, Libra Europe CONSULTING has been working with clients on change management programmes since 2000 across multiple sectors and in excess of 100 discrete project engagements

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We have no standard client;
they have no standard requirement of us…

What our clients say…