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Learning & Development

Our belief is that the support we provide has knowledge transfer at its core and solutions developed should be sustainable and scalable after our direct involvement has concluded.

Putting learning and development at the forefront of a change programme, defining training needs and addressing these as a way to ensure delivery of business objectives works in two key ways;

Firstly, by creating a practical application for learning, the training received is more likely to stick than with classroom or theoretical learning that remains abstract.

Secondly, by attaching learning to defined business and personal objectives, there is a relevance and reward over and above an improved CV or certificate

Example Clients

Glenmorangie and Twinings: Academy projects delivering tangible operational and financial improvements; both scaled-up post-project

Labeyrie Fine Foods: Multiple projects across 2 UK sites with the Libra role being to facilitate change through coaching rather than doing

MasterCard: Coaching & mentoring of the supply chain team to develop business process and systems for a global supply chain operation


‘I found the pragmatic, challenging and straight forward approach refreshing and ultimately highly effective’

Peter Nelson, Operations Director – The Glenmorangie Whisky Company


Change Management

Our core proposition is to support clients in delivering positive change into their organisations. We’ll validate beliefs through detailed, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the business and it’s opportunities to improve. We’ll collaborate in designing programmes of work that can be delivered by the client to make the changes required and we’ll provide capacity and capability to support the organisation in delivering those changes alongside business as usual.

We are expert at identifying and addressing barriers to change and ensuring the commitments we jointly make with clients are delivered upon to time, cost and quality

Example Clients

KP Nuts: Supported the reintroduction of best practice management control and reporting processes following a site move

Northern Rail: Created a route map to deliver a transformation in engineering depot service to dual diesel and electric rolling stock


‘Libra’s collaborative and pragmatic approach has offered powerful insights into the way we operate, and delivered practical and highly effective solutions to the complex challenges we face’

Richard Samuel, Chief Officer – NHS Fareham, Gosport & SE Hampshire CCG’s


Target Operating Models

We don’t believe in one-size fits all solutions. Each business is different and the specifics of how you go about managing them naturally vary accordingly. We do believe in applying best practice design principles of how a business is Forecasted, Planned, Controlled and how Reporting is used to inform the decision making processes that lead to continuous improvement. We know what good looks like and across multiple sectors, functions and organisations of all structures and sizes.

Our value is delivered through engaging and empowering management in defining and implementing best practice management principles in their organisations that form the foundation for profitable growth.

Example Clients

SIG Plc: Best practice branch management operating models for sales, operations, warehousing, logistics and inventory management

Cucina Sano: Refresh of existing management control and reporting systems (MCRS) with end user training and development

Mack Multiples: Development of MCRS and roll-out across multiple business units supported by lean principles application


‘Libra provided the business with a clear sense of opportunity, a roadmap for delivery, and a quality of people that underpinned its delivery’

Gavin Williams, Managing Director – XPO Logistics (UK)


Total Supply Chain

In simple terms, most organisations do three core things in varying forms; Buy, ‘Make’ & Sell products and services. By understanding the impact of each of these functional activities on the others, organisations that understand and manage their end to end supply chain create a competitive advantage, particularly with regards to managing ‘value creation’ and the true cost of doing business. Decisions around procurement, inventory levels, production scheduling, logistics, sales and marketing can be optimised in a joined up collaborative organisation with a full end to end understanding of its business model

We help organisations to map and understand their supply chain in its entirety, engaging stakeholders from all areas to develop the map and better understand the impact of decisions made on their/other areas of the business.

Note: A particularly relevant exercise to undertake in the context of Brexit and its potential impact upon supply chains in/out of the UK

Example Clients

Labeyrie Fine Foods UK: End to end modelling and value chain analysis of global supply chain (Thailand-UK Processing-Sainsburys)

MasterCard: Global supply chain and procurement restructure with development of people, processes and systems

M&S: Italian ready meals category review through recipe formulation-buying-manufacture-logistics-store performance


‘Thanks to them, our projects have been genuinely collective adventures where we have made real breakthroughs both for the company and our people.’

Craig Walker, Chief Executive Officer – Labeyrie Fine Foods


Turnaround & Interim

Where appropriate, in stressed organisations or situations we’ll take executive authority for either an area or the wider business in conjunction with ownership to relieve immediate pressures and allow an organisation to refocus and restructure. We’ll bring an energy and focus with an experienced contacts base to call upon to ensure the right fit at the right time We can also bring experience of supporting private equity in identifying, auditing, transforming buying and selling businesses.

With our multi-sector network of contacts we can rapidly find a solution or act as advisors to businesses at all stages of their development cycle

Note: A particularly relevant exercise to undertake in the context of Brexit and its potential impact upon supply chains in/out of the UK

Example Clients

FEI Foods: Interim general management of rice processing facility whilst client recruited

Karro Foods: Operational due diligence on acquisition of Vion Pork division and creation of turnaround plans

Project Heisenberg: Supporting the turnaround and sale of a contract manufacture business


‘Libra’s approach is refreshing. They get you to the answer quickly and give proper advice rather than sit on the fence’

Chris Clegg, Managing Director – Endless LLP