We believe there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach

to improving your business


   We have no standard client;

they have no standard requirement of us

  • Our largest client makes more profit in one day than our smallest client’s annual turnover

  • Our largest client employs six thousand times more people than our average client

  • Our clients make from 70%+ gross margins through to those where break-even is the short term aspiration

  • Our client’s range in scale from 10-20 products to 20,000+

  • Our shortest supply chains are counted in the tens of miles, the longest stretch around the world


The constant is our ability to work with all our clients to help them to change their organisations for the better

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 20 years of bespoke change management delivery


 Who we are


Libra Europe Consulting


Libra Change Partners




Libra Solution Partners

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