We believe society's most vulnerable should never be forgotten or neglected.

With great organisational change comes great responsibility, which is why at Libra Europe, we're constantly seeking innovative ways to make a positive impact.

The Libra Foundation is committed to our corporate social responsibility goals

We empower our employees by enabling them to choose their preferred charities, specific to their own personal experiences, which we wholeheartedly support.

Together, we strive to make a positive impact, embodying a culture of compassion, collaboration and understanding.

raised in total for the charities we support

Our Timeline

Our charity initiatives are evolving with each passing year, continually expanding our impact and reach within the community.


We look forward to pioneering new charity events and initiatives, shaping a brighter future through our community involvement.


Corporate Social Responsibility initiative officially relaunched as the Libra Foundation.

July 2023

Inaugural tournament of the Transaid Cup.

November 2023

Centrepoint Sleepout at the Oval, London.

August 2021

Partnership with Centrepoint renewed for the final time.

November 2021

Centrepoint Sleepout event held in Derbyshire.

August 2020

Partnership with Centrepoint renewed for an additional year.

October 2020

Second charity event with Centrepoint, the Stay UP lockdown event.

March 2019

Agreement reached to initially focus on youth homelessness.

July 2019

Official partnership signed with Centrepoint.

November 2019

First attendance at the Centrepoint Sleepout in Manchester.


The discussion about doing more as a business led to the conception of Libra's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.


Transaid is a charitable organisation committed to enhancing road safety, improving access to healthcare, and fostering economic opportunities in developing countries through innovative transport solutions and capacity building.

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Our charity partner, Centrepoint, is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, having supported more than 10,000 homeless young people into a home and a job.

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Generation Logistics

Generation Logistics inspires the next generation and focuses on optimising supply chain efficiency and sustainability through innovative logistics solutions, with the goal of streamlining operations and reducing environmental impact within the industry.

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