Team Libra

Drawing from decades of industry experience, each member also brings fresh perspectives, ensuring we always merge tried-and-true methods with cutting-edge approaches.

Tim Kershaw


Bob Heward

Finance Director | Partner

Rob Cunningham

Managing Director

Gareth Turner

Head of Operations

Lance Kearon

Head of People Development

Mat Allman

Head of Business Transformation Services

Mike Sacker

Head of Supply Chain

Rob Baldwin

Group Commercial Director

Steve Prince

Senior Project Manager

Alastair Kennedy

Senior Consultant

Alison Furst

Senior Consultant - Organisational Design

Amy Comber


Andrew Grafton

Project Manager

Anthony Butler

Senior Consultant

Charlie Ormerod


Elyse Mendell

Commercial and Recruitment Manager

Helen Croot

HR & Finance Manager

Huw Thomas

Senior Consultant

James Crown

Senior Consultant

John Guilder


Laurie Birch

Senior Consultant

Luke Stammers

Senior Consultant

Mark Biddington

Senior Consultant

Matt Hooper

Senior Consultant

Matthew Prince

Senior Consultant

Mitesh Bamania

Project Manager

Scott MacDonald

Senior Consultant

Steven Jones

Senior Consultant

Temi Aderiye

Project Manager

Thomas Corn


Our team is a balanced mix of experience and fresh energy

Uniting the depth of established expertise with the drive of newer talents, we consistently deliver thoughtful and innovative solutions.

At the heart of our success lies our dedicated team. They stand as the backbone of every project, every solution, and every relationship we build. Their combined depth of knowledge and fervent commitment to innovation translate into tailored solutions that meet, and often exceed, client expectations.

Over the years, experience has taught us one irrefutable truth: the right people make all the difference. There were times when challenges seemed insurmountable, yet with the right team in place, barriers became stepping stones. It's not just about skill sets and qualifications, but the right blend of passion, attitude, and vision. Identifying, nurturing, and retaining such talent has been pivotal to our journey, reinforcing that when you have the right individuals on board, there's no vision too ambitious or challenge too great.

Gavin Williams
Managing Director of GXO Logistics

"Libra provided the business with a clear sense of opportunity, a roadmap for delivery, and a quality of people that underpinned its delivery.”

Andrew Wakelin
COO of Aspen Pumps

“Working with Libra was extremely beneficial to Aspen. It allowed us to develop a roadmap for efficiency gains in the short-term and an operating model that allows further change as we continue in our rapid growth”

Peter Nelson
Operations Director of The Glenmorangie Whisky Company

“I found the pragmatic, challenging and straight forward approach refreshing and ultimately highly effective.”

Ian Kavanagh
Plant Director at Twinings

“We were pleased by the quality of staff engagement and very impressed with the resulting improvements and the level of ownership of results at every level”

John Hall
Programme Manager at Sainsbury's

“Libra acted with integrity and as Sainsbury’s representatives to constantly evolving environment”

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