November 21, 2023

Alicia Perry

End Producer Responsibility (EPR)

What is it? 

New regulations apply to all UK organisations that import or supply packaging. The regulations mean that these organisations may be responsible for the costs of dealing with packaging waste. This is called extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging.

What Has Changed?

The UK has redefined the recycling responsibilities for organisations involved in packaging. Notably, while EPR for packaging fees have been deferred until 2025, compliance with reporting guidelines for 2023 remains mandatory.

Who Is Affected?

The EPR for packaging applies to all UK organisations that import or supply packaging. This includes businesses with over £1 million in annual turnover and those handling more than 25 tons of packaging in 2022. It is vital to determine if your business falls under these criteria as the implications are significant.

Key Actions You Need to Take:

1) Evaluate My Responsibility - Assess whether your business falls under the EPR regulations, applicable to UK organisations with an annual turnover exceeding £1 million or handling over 25 tons of packaging in 2022.

2) Data Collection Procedures - Implement systems for rigorous collection and reporting of packaging data, focusing on activities such as supplying, importing, or selling packaged goods, especially through online platforms.

3) Fulfil Your EPR Obligations - Understand and act upon your specific responsibilities under the EPR, which might include tasks like paying waste management fees and securing recycling notes for packaging waste.

How can Libra Help?

Empower your business with our expert guidance on EPR compliance, from assessing applicability to enhancing brand reputation through sustainable practices.

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