Anthony Butler

Senior Consultant

Anthony embodies a harmonious blend of corporate acumen and personable engagement. Based in the tranquillity of Northern Derbyshire, Anthony seamlessly marries his vast expertise in operational control, inventory management and strategic planning with a genuine passion for the intricate tapestries of the business landscape. His journey, which spans from the elegant corridors of Louis Vuitton in both London & Copenhagen to the lively English school classrooms in Taiwan, offers a unique perspective shaped by diverse experiences. Anthony's proficiency in WMS systems, paired with his strengths in analytical reasoning, decision-making and creative flair make him a treasured asset to any team. Beyond the boardroom, he is an incredibly sociable individual with a heart that beats for sport, travel, culture, design and the arts. At his core, wielding a strong moral compass, Anthony is a hardworking and adaptable professional, yet he never loses sight of the human connections that truly drive a successful business.

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