Clive Cochrane

Project Manager

With over 30 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management, Clive is a seasoned professional, fuelled by an unwavering passion for optimising supply chains and a staunch commitment to innovation. He specialises in multi-temperature distribution, encompassing strategy reviews, network design, and supply chain enhancements. Clive's expertise has spearheaded transformative changes within the retail sector, consistently surpassing expectations and effecting tangible improvements. Thanks to his strategic insights and meticulous execution, he has been instrumental in reshaping transport networks, ensuring they remain competitive in a constantly changing market. Clive's dedication to excellence positions him prominently within the logistics field, and he remains deeply devoted to boosting efficiency, curtailing costs, and fine-tuning overall performance. Outside of his professional sphere, Clive has a penchant for the outdoors and sports. He is also a certified rugby referee, maintaining his fitness levels through the rigorous demands of the game.

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