Huw Thomas

Senior Consultant

Huw boasts over 30 years of experience working in a range of manufacturing settings, from stainless steel to food and beverage. As a Lean Practitioner, he is not only an implementor but also a trainer, dedicated to providing tangible, lasting enhancements through process analysis, team and individual capability development, and mentoring and coaching across all organisational levels. For Huw, the core lies in comprehending and cultivating the "right" culture. He emphasises the importance of focusing on facts over feelings to simplify processes, aiming for consistent business value. His philosophy centres on the belief that while data and processes are essential, it's the individuals who interact with, implement, and manage these processes. Thus, any solution excluding the human element is bound to fall short in terms of sustainability. This ethos, cultivated over the years, has resulted in a proven track record. Huw has consistently offered improvement solutions and coaching capabilities, leading to significant cost savings and sustained operational value.

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