Mat Allman

Head of Business Transformation Services

Mat combines his BSc in Computer Science with experience in the Public Sector and over 7 years of dedicated service at Libra. His Libra journey began as a Consultant, leading to promotions to Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, and finally, his current role. His expertise spans various industries, including manufacturing, supply chain, retail, rail, and construction. With a notable accomplishment of achieving a return on investment of 8:1 in food manufacturing and a portfolio of successful collaborations with FTSE 250 companies, he has a proven track record of driving exceptional results. What truly distinguishes Mat is his ability to bridge the gap between project teams and the rest of the client’s workforce. He excels in cultivating strong client relationships and ensuring seamless communication during the implementation of transformative projects. His approach involves actively engaging everyone from end-users to senior and executive teams, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that identifies and addresses potential risks and concerns. As the driving force behind Libra Europe Consulting's mission, Mat empowers clients to achieve lasting, impactful change.

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